Hermès Window Barcelona

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Since we’re in the subject of stores, here’s a wonderful window at Hermès in Barcelona.

If you’re a Wes Anderson fan, or a general movie buff I know you’ll love this window.

The inspiration is the movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox a stop motion adventure following the life a Fox family that has very particular tastes…

Check out the all the pics below.

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Pitti Uomo 86 Roundup by Mr.Porter

Check out this video from Mr.Porter

I love it that the #menswear crowd is really going all in on it’s style. Bold colours, great shapes and an all around good mood when dressing. Being it dressing up or down, at this movie you can learn some pretty interesting things.

So… pay good attention to it, and find something amazing and bold and pair it with an essential, just to get started.

Oh! and you can also learn how to seat in a cool effortless way. Let’s call it siting with Sprezzatura.


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