Just to get started on the new season these are 3 items that you need to have in your wardrobe!!!

No 1 – A Shwal Collar Sweater is essencial, it can be in Navy Blue, Regular Blue, Grey or Brown
N0 2- Beige Slim Fit Chinos or if you can find them Slim Fit Cargo Pants (you know, the ones with the pockets on the sides), and
No 3 – The Must Have of the Season, Work Boots !!!!!!!!!, they come in all shapes and sizes, but these are a good example of them. Soon I’ll dedicate a post only to work boots …
The shoe is definitely back, forget the Sneakers … well …not if you’re going to the gym !!!
You can find these items and much much more at ASOS.com and it ships to Portugal …
PS: don’t forget to roll up those Pants to show of the boots, not too much, not too little , just right – 2 fingers over the ankle.

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