Well … what can I say the Guy is right …

When I was younger I kind of hated the Ralph Lauren brand because it represented the way parents dressed, and a teen never wants to look like his father.
But recently the brand has got some boost, not only because the classic is in Style again, but because they have upgraded the classics! The fits are better, you have more options, there are some new lines … Or I’m getting older (I’de like to think that’s not the case! lol).
So, these are 5 great ways to wear the Iconic Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt.
Three are obvious! With Chinos, Jeans and Sweat Pants, but the other two are not so simple …
I love the Polo with the shorts, bow tie and the shock-less brogues, they’re what I call the Hamptons look (very difficult to pull anywhere else than there). And the other one is the Polo with a suit. It’s not an easy thing to pull off. Even Scott Schuman – The Sartorialist – made a post this week commenting on that difficulty…. (click on the link to see the pics he posted).
ps: my Dad wears Polos with suits all the time !!!!!!! I’m getting old !!!!!! ;))))))
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