Another great find! Andrea Pompilio, is a two year old brand that is sure to make it big. If it depends on me, it sure will! Launched in 2010 by Andrea Pompilio, that had previously worked for Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein, this brand mixes all the right things prints with solids, prints with prints, slim fits with looser ones, denims, suedes, the works, everything your little heart desires.

It is quite appealing to me, the collection has a relaxed summer feeling to it, something that I’m in dire need of. This spring here in Portugal has been brutal!

So, enjoy the pics and if you’d like to buy them you can find the retail list here. One thing I can assure you Guys, if they are selling at places like Excelsior in Milan or Park and Bond (online) they are doing something, or everything right.

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