Well… it turns out that I wasn’t, or I’m not, but I’m getting to love this look more and more.
I recently found the nicest book named “Take Ivy” by Shosuke Ishizu (Author), Toshiyuki Kurosu (Author), Hajime Hasegawa (Author), and Teruyoshi Hayashida (Photographer),you can find it on Amazon, and started thinking that when I was younger everyone here in Oporto where I grew up, more or less dressed like a Preppy. Not necessarily like a nice one, but nevertheless like one. Then people started rebelling against it and started wearing baggy pants and sneakers but, by my calculations, the Preppy look is definitely coming back and with a bang.
You can find some really nice shirts and pants by Gant Rugger (not regular Gant), and by Ralph Lauren (Polo,and Rugby). Both these brands are refreshing the look with smarter fits and great looking combinations of fabrics, colors and patterns.
When it comes to shoes, there is the almighty boat shoe(I’ve already written about my Yuketen pair), the penny loafer and the tassel loafer. The last ones come in some new and exciting color and leather combinations. You can find some real nice ones at ASOS.com
These are some examples of Preppy items that I like, and the last one is an outfit of mine.
Hope you enjoy it.

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