The Arkiv Backpack by MissionWorkShop is a great choice if you still haven’t succumbed to the backpack movement. Well I haven’t and I’m loving this one. It comes as a Backpack and them you can add accessories to it, like a pouch for the iPad, or one for the laptop, or even a tool case! How cool is that! This is another great example of how simple little things in the heads of smart people can go a long way. Why should I take the backpack to carry a laptop when I only carried my iPad today? Resolution to this problem? Change the accessory to the iPad pouch. Simple and elegant answer. Love it.

The bags are made from the highest quality materials, water proofed and sown using military spec threads. They are made in the US. If you are into supporting your country’s production and need a backpack the Arkiv Backpack by MissionWorkShop is the one to get. If you’re outside the US you should get it too, they have great shipping rates.

They are available on pre-order and will ship tomorrow, the 15th of June. So go to the configuration page of their website and get yours.  Enjoy the pics and watch the film on the bottom so see the different types of backpack you can get if you buy and Arkiv from MissionWorkShop.

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