1989 – Linda Evangelista by Peter Lindberg

Remember the post that I did a couple of weeks ago about the Italian brand ASPESI? If you don’t you can find it here.
Well, the day after I did the post I got an email from a very nice Man from their marketing department and we’ve had a little back and forth of emails. In one of those there was a link to an article from Yatzer mag with a small story about the history of ASPESI.
Let me tell you something their old ad campaigns are awesome! A mix of art and fashion that just resonates with me, and they are the proof that Alberto Aspesi’s vision of timeless fashion is absolutely correct. These pics could have been taken today.
If you are my followers you know that I’m all about Style prior to Fashion, and Aspesi’s view of style and it’s simplicity is just my kind of thing.
Thank you ASPESI…
ps: pretty soon I’ll be in London and I can’t way to go to TRUNK Clothiers and get my hand on one of their wool oxford shirts!…
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