Hey Guys and Girls, I’m back from London. It was an amazing trip, I hadn’t been there since ’03 and boy has it changed! For better obviously… I got to know lots of new places, restaurants, shops, etc … revisit some that I already knew, spend some time with my BFF and her Boyfriend and just have Fun !!!

I did some shopping, and in future posts I’ll elaborate a little bit more on some specific items like the Navy Blazer I got at Uniqlo, the corduroy riding pants by Topman and the Japanese Selvage denim pants I got at Gap … So stay tuned for more news very soon.
I obviously went to the Tate Modern where there was an exhibition of Gauguin, and this very intriguing installation by the Chinese Artist – Ai Weiwei – called Sunflower Seeds. They’re not real seeds, but hand painted porcelain little beads, 100 million of them. They represent the unity and the diversity of the Chinese people, there are no two alike … Conceptually it’s very interesting, and I recommend a visit just to see it …

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