Bal Original is another Japanese find. We’ve talked about other brands from Japan, and there seems to be an endless supply of them. The thing is that all of them offer something new. Some cool new way of reinterpretation of a classic piece, like a trench coat, a fishing vest or a short suit. Do you remember these post I did a while back about two Japanese Brands – Sacai – and  - Markaware – ?

Bal Original has been around since 1999 and you can check out their lookbook since 2008 here.

Clearly what attracts me to brands like Bal and to Japanese Menswear brands in general is the constant drive they have to improve classic mens clothing. Let’s face it, what had to be invented has already been so. So there is a very large opportunity for qualified design improvers to move around and produce amazing work. Historically speaking this probably comes from the lack of raw material in Japan after world war II. They had to work with what they had and make it perfect the first time around, and so they did. Add 65 years to it, and they are masters at doing so.

My favorites are the shawl collar cotton trench and the double denim short sleeve look.

Unfortunately they don’t have retailers in Europe or the US but you can check out the dealers list here, maybe you’ll get lucky and find one that ships to the west.

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