The information overload is set to continue. This is the Bespoken SS 2013 collection. Still from NY fashion week.

But fyi, the London Fashion Week was also very productive, tomorrow and the day after I’ll be posting the Pringle of Scotland and the E.Tautz pics.

Back to Bespoken, this brand is one the up and up. They have been doing amazing work. This collection is based on an ethnic and traveler concept. Not something that I would fancy on paper but  James, Sammy, Liam and Paulo made it very interesting. Another great thing about this brand is it’s identity – part Saville Row, part Rock n’ Roll – I like it and I think that the menswear business still has lot’s of room to evolve. These guys are rockin’ it and also keeping the sartorial details that they’re supposed to. Pay attention my friends these Guys are going far!

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