Blow Up


Yesterday I went to the movies to see an old re run of the great Antonioni movie – BLOW UP – to my amazement it wasn’t a digitally restored copy with all those kinds of technical gimmicks, it’s was a 1966 original copy with all the flaws and analog sound. Let me tell you something in 66 I was 11 years old short of being born, but I love these kinds of things. Back then there was a kind of trueness to things that nowadays is somewhat lost. I’m writing you this from a MacBook with all the bells and whistles, to post on a blog, for people that have never seen me to read, somewhere, all over the world. Oh well, these are the little incongruences of life!…

Having said this I couldn’t write anything more about the movie, everything has been more said and written, I can only point out the aesthetics of it, and my own interpretation of it. Thomas’s style could be put together today, his house and studio look amazing, complete with leather chairs, glass coffee tables aubergine walls, stainless steel kitchen and carpets. As for the Girls? Girls of today take note, the great Veruschka, Vanessa Redgrave, and Jane Birkin¬†(yes the one that gave the name to the Hermes bag, ps: don’t look at her recent pics, I don’t know what happened to her!)¬†look perfect and would fit perfectly in any of today’s fashion editorials.

Other two things that are worth mentioning are the soundtrack by Herbie Hancock, he was 26 at the time, and doing amazing work already, and the car! Thomas drives a convertible Rolls Royce Silver Could II, omg …

Well that’s it for this week programming, next week I’ll be out of the office and the country for that matter, I’m off to Barcelona to sell some Ramalhoni Shoes, hopefully! And a little bit of R&R….

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