Caderno Azul Firmo

Caderno Azul (Portuguese for Blue notebook) was a classic presence in every business and home. It’s a hardcover book finished in blue linen paper and hand sown! It was due for a comeback for some time now.

Thanks to the vision and entrepreneurship of the good people over at Firmo, the company that invented them back in 1951, it is back in it’s full glory.

Yesterday was the launch of the “Caderno Azul” at the Portuguese Heritage Brands Store – A Vida Portuguesa – If you’ve ever been to Oporto or Lisbon you must have visited it. It has all the classic Portuguese brands from back in the day, from pots and pans, to the Claus soaps that Oprah uses, and now the Caderno Azul.

To celebrate this, the guys over at Firmo gave me a couple of notebooks to give away to my readers. This is how it works. “Like” my Facebook Page and leave a Comment on this page with your Name, and where in the World you are from, and Subscribe my newsletter (just enter your email on the right!) . Next friday I’ll announce the winner and mail the note book to you.


O Caderno Azul era uma presença comum em todos os escritório e casas em Portugal. É um Caderno de capa dura, acabado em papel linhado e cosido à mão. Graças à visão e empreendedorismo da empresa Firmo este caderno está de volta. Ontem foi o lançamento  na loja A Vida Portuguesa. Para quem não conhece, esta loja vende todas as marcas Portuguesas clássicas. Desde tachos e frigideiras aos sabonetes Claus usados pelas nossas Mães e Avós e mais recentemente a Oprah!

Para comemorar este lançamento vou oferecer dois cadernos. O que têm de fazer para poderem ganhar um é: fazer Like na minha Página de Facebook , deixar um Comentário nesta página com o vosso Nome e Cidade e Subscrever a minha Newsletter (é só colocar o email aqui do lado direito!). Na próxima sexta feira anunciarei o vencedor.

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  1. I grew up with these at home and in my father’s business. They were versatile enough to keep accounts, do schoolwork, keep contacts, write notes and basic sketches. They lasted for years being mistreated and thrown around as they are hand stitched, not glued like modern “imitations” from china. They are also an environmentally neutral product as everything is natural and biodegradable. If the spine gets damaged a good traditional cobbler should be able to re-stitch it for you as well at very little expense.

    Jaime Tamagnini, Milton Keynes, UK

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  6. Hello~ My name is Megan and I’m from Hawaii! :D
    To be honest I’ve never used or owned one of these awesome notebooks, but I would love to! >w< I love to write and draw so I'm sure I will put this to good use! :)

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