Caia is a brand of  pillows that will change your days at the beach, poolside or park. Don’t you get all restless when you’re lying down reading and suddenly you don’t have a good position to hold the book or mag and feel comfortable. I do! After just a couple of minutes of holding my Monocle in the air my arms start to get tired and I start to move it from side to side.

Well, those days are over. The solution to this problem is a Caia pillow. Made right here in Portugal with a selection of fun in the sun fabrics, stitched perfectly to prevent water, sand or grass to come in, your days of uncomfortable readings, or just lying down are over.

Go to Caia’s Facebook page to see all the fabrics available, choose one and email with the name of the pillow you want and they’ll get back to you with the availability and delivery details…

Caia is the brainchild of Inês Fortunato, a cousin of mine, and deserves the biggest of kudos, taking something as simple as a pillow and tweaking it to become a great product deserves recognition. It looks like that entrepreneurship runs in the family ;) Some for lying down, and some for walking around.

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