Casely Hayford is a brand after my own heart! I love the fashion world, everyday you can find a new style, a new Brand, something beautiful that interests and inspires you. It’s probably one of good thing of being such a huge industry!

Well, going back to Casely Hayford, the visuals where the first thing that caught my attention, but once I started to read about it, my interest grew deeper and deeper. They say that the 2 catch phrases for their brand are “English Sartorialism” & “British Anarchy”, meaning that they take all the best that English tailoring has to offer and join it with it’s world renowned irreverence and creativity. The result – modern classics, as I like to call they. Classic ideas with innovative twist, pretty much what I’m trying to do with my new Ramalhoni Shoes line! Maybe that’s what I love about then. Not maybe, that’s absolutely it!…

Enjoy the pics and have a great weekend. If you’re in Europe, take the dow jacket out and pair it with lots of layers because it’s gonna be a cold one! If you’re planing on staying in, just browse through all the posts of, you’re in for lot’s of info, gorgeous pics and some real cool texts!

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