Men’s Accessories


Men’s accessories

When it comes to stylish accessories, men are generally not spoiled for choices. Sure, you may use a trendy hat or stylish sunglasses to create a special overall look. Classy leather bags also tend to do the trick, especially in a business environment.

Chic wallets are another must-have item for the style-conscious men. Although they remain hidden 99 percent of the time, there are few things more embarrassing than pulling out an old wallet that is already falling into pieces on a business dinner with colleagues or on a date with that one special person. Nonetheless, the selection of chic and elegant accessories for men aiming to create an individual style are rather slim.

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There Was Magic


I’m so very proud to help out the very talented filmmaker Afonso Salcedo on his new venture. The movie is called – There was Magic. It’s a documentary  about a series of fundraising fashion shows that took place from 1987-1996 to raise awareness about AIDS, (back then it was pretty much taboo) and money to help fight the war against this virus.

There were some pretty big names involved in these shows, like Versace, Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein and Gianfranco Ferré.

Well, the thing is, Afonso and his company Sutro Studios, need our help to fund the movie. To help in doing so they have started a Kickstarter campaign and I urge you to visit the There Was Magic page and donate.

You can help this movie come to life with just a little/big donation. If you do so decide to lend them a hand you can receive some pretty cool gifts too, including a Weekender Bag designed and built right here at Ramalhoni HQ.

So, reach into your heart, and also your credit card limit and let’s do our part in funding this Movie.

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Sign Painters

Sign Painters

Because some things should never change, I encourage you to see this trailer from a documentary called Sign Painters.

This was an art that was almost lost, but thanks to the resurgence of this whole “heritage” movement they are coming back. And lets be true to ourselves those vinyl cutout signs are horrible. We are at an age that requires us, again, to do things and build products that last. This is just a small example of one of those things.

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16 Shades of Blue

16 Shades of Blue


Not to be confused with the Fifty Shades of whatever it is all the girls are reading right now.

16 Shades of Blue is my little homage to what’s gonna be In this Spring Summer. I never was a real fan of those “in” and “out” lists. It depends so much on who is wearing the stuff. But with the 16 Shades of Blue you can never go wrong. If you have a decent haircut and smell nice these 16 pieces that I selected from Mr.Porter are the biznizz and you can never do a bad thing with them.

A couple of years ago I was a real fan of ton sur ton, It somehow made sense, then it became a little bit too boring, but after the overload of mix and match of the last collections I think a little quietness is a good thing. If you wanna stand out go for a bolder Shade, in the case, of Blue.

Have a great weekend, I know I’ve been absent, but there’s a very good reason for that, you’ll see what I’ve been cooking for the last month. One hint they’re Shoes

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Oscar Night

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Chris Pine - Zegna

Chris Pine in Zegna

Last sunday was Oscar Night and fashion wise it was a pretty decent. I’m talking about Menswear. There were some misses, but the overall was a pretty big Hit. There even was a DB tux a thing that I’m been obsessing about for a long time. Thank you Captain Kirk. Check out my fav pics.

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E. Tautz Fall 2013

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Patrick Grant is the big name behind E.Tautz Fall 2013, and as a mater of fact behind all the previous collections since E.Tautz got the shake up and go restyling. He also heads the Saville Row label, if we can call it that, Norton & Sons, a classic brand. So on E.Tautz he get the chance of mix things up and do a pretty clever thing of updating menswear. An endeavor that is rarely tried and is often un-succeeded when tried.

On the E. Tautz Fall 2013 I think it’s a 70% hit, and 30% miss. No one is gonna buy those baggy pants, but every collection has to have a piece like that to get people talking. As for color, if you like grey and dark blue, you’re in luck, if not, you should hibernate until summer 2014, because it gonna be all about these two colors. Overall I like it.

Have a great weekend, and let me know what have you been up to?

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Gustin is a brand that is “redefining menswear, starting with denim”, which is a pretty smart thing because people are  looking more and more for the smart buy. And let’s face it a 200$ pair of selvage jeans for 81$ is a very smart purchase.

They can achieve this by cutting the middlemen and selling the product directly to the costumer. This is pretty much what I do in my shoe Brand – Ramalhoni Shoes – and also what other companies like Everlane are doing. Big brands have huge costs with personnel, advertising, stores and whatnot, and this makes them work with huge margins driving the price up sometimes up to 8 times more the original buying price.

So what little brands like Gustin are doing is the logical thing to do. Sourcing great materials, building and amazing product and selling it directly to us at a great price. On top of this they did another amazing thing, this run of jeans was financed through a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve had my eye on crowd sourcing for sometime now, and Kickstarter is the best platform out there. They needed 20k to get started, and people have pledged as of today 116k. How amazing is this. I really have to do a run of shoes for kickstarter.

Check the promotional video that was made by my very talented cousin Afonso Salcedo…

I’m getting my pair today. Buy yours here.

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Golden Globes Red Carpet


Kerry Washington

This year the Golden Globes Red Carpet didn’t have any uau moment, but it was really nice all-around. No one stood out but their were quite a few ladies and also some gentlemen that did a pretty good appearance. There was some color. Light Blue is gonna be the thing for summer, quite a few black, Julianne Moore being the Best, and two whites that caught my eye. Amanda Seygfried and Ann Hathaway, I always love them both. But the Grand Prize goes to Marion Cotillard in Dior Couture by Raf Simons.

As for the Men, Leo is thin again good for him! Aziz Ansari was looking pretty sharp. When a President presents a film it’s always noteworthy. Will Ferrell rocked a mo and a DB tux, way to go Will. And last but not least Bradley Cooper was impeccable, he is such a handsome Man, he looks like a true Hollywood star.

Enjoy out the pics…

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Pitti Uomo 83 Final Day


So yesterday was Pitti Uomo 83 final day, what are the lessons to be learned.

No 1. It’s the last time I don’t go

No 2. Lino Leluzzi is the Nick Wooster of this side of the pond

No 3. Charcoal Grey and Blues will be the thing for next Fall Winter

No 4. Pinstripes too

No 5. Mixing and Matching is still the bizznizz

No 6. Double Breasted suits are the bomb

No 7. Hats hats and more hats

No 8. The Guys that go sock-less in the winter need to get their heads checked

No 9. Pleats are in

, and I think that’s it …

On the Spring Summer  Edition of Pitti Uomo 84 expect to see Ramalhoni there in great Style.

Cheers and don’t forget than you can also follow me on  TwitterFacebook and Tumblr.

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Men of the Cloth

Men of the Cloth is a documentary about Tailors and Tailoring, about the passion, hard work and unrivaled dedication of three amazing Men.

I’d seen the trailer, and just today found out that the Producer/Director who has been working on developing this film for 10 year had a Kickstarter campaign in motion. So, I decided to do my part, publicizing it here and giving a little something to help the effort.

Watch the Men of the Cloth Kickstarter video, and contribute. This is a film worth seeing and they are so near to completion… They just need this little last push.

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Reebok Blueprint

This video from Reebok is just amazing. Making a blueprint by hand is something that is rarely used in the shoe business, even more if the shoe we’re talking about is a sneaker. When quantities get in the tens of thousands of pairs or even less, things get quite high-tech, but not in this case. I was marveled by all the geometries, and the finish project is something to hang on a wall. Wait a minute, I too have templates and blueprints, not like this, but quite nice also! I’m going to the framing store…

ps: my first pair of Reebok’s was this one. And the first pair of sneaker I wore with regular clothing (back when people just did sports in them), were also from Reebok.

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