I’ve wrote about this some time ago. Color, and color blocking this season is everywhere, so I decided to post some new Men’s looks.
Last saturday me and Marta went to this new Zara store in downtown Oporto and as I walk in I was baffled by the sheer amount of color that they had on display. It was overwhelming, but nice. It’s beautiful to see such nice combinations and happy mood that everyone was just looking around and trying things on.
This was the Women’s department… In the Men’s department you could also see some nice splashes of color, but, and I can’t really understand why the Zara’s men clothing is light hears away from the female counterpart. From 50 pieces you could find two maybe three interesting things. They do such a nice job in the women’s department, they should hire some new designers to do the men’s. Or get some of the ones that do the women’s… I’m just putting it out there… hello… Zara can you hear me!????

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