David Hart & Co. is another hand made tie brand that caught my attention, mainly because of their new Lookbook. When you do a lookbook and the first pic is of Mr. Nick Wooster, the “internet” tends to spread the word, if only he would agree to participate in a photo shoot for Ramalhoni Shoes, ehehe. So… back to the ties … hand made in NYC, using Italian and English silk and cotton, silk Shantung, Scottish tartans, Japanese Denim, a.s.o, they were bound to make some amazing products.

They mixup the classic with the modern in perfect measures. They Navajo and Camo ties are amazing and could go very well in a laid back relaxed environment of sport coats or just shirts. People tend to think that a tie is only to be worn with jackets or suits, but they’re wrong. A tie is an accessory, if you  wanna spice up a look, throw in a tie of bow tie just with a shirt and I guaranty that you’ll love it. It doesn’t even has to be a particularly serious shirt. A denim shirt, with a camo tie or a tartan patchwork bow tie is a perfect combination, the more beat up the shirt the better! Give it a try.

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