I’ve never done a post about grooming, so I thought that this could be a nice one to start.

I hate shaving, and I only do it once a week (when I’m lucky!), so I’m not a big spender on blades, but when mine run out and I have to buy new ones, I get real pissed off … they’re real expensive 20€ sometimes more!

That’s why I think that the Dollar Shave Club is a great idea. If they work properly I’d love to get in the mail a non expensive way to shave. Even more so when the brand has the creativity to do a fun video like this one. I’m gonna go see if they ship to Portugal.

So… here’s the video, and I better go shave, because later in the day I’m gonna be at a TV show called Porto Alive on a local channel called Porto Canal. You can watch it online here. I’ll be on at about 20:15 GMT. Enjoy!!!!!

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