You Guys know that I’m a sucker for all things beautiful and that recently my attention has been on some real nice bicycles. I like the glamour, the practicality and the help that we give to the environment by leaving the car at home. You must remember the recent post about The Little Mule and Fast Boy Cycles, you can read it here.

Last week, as I was browsing through my facebook page, something caught my eye, a real cool pic of a fixed gear bike, or fixie. I click on the link, and boom… out come DRY DRILL! Wow, they look awesome, and you can personalize them, colors, seats, wheels, the works. I do a configuration, and uau, that’s really the bike I was looking for, search the contact and to my disbelief when I read the address, it’s literally one block from my house. I couldn’t let this one pass through. Wrote an email and a couple of hours later I get the response: why don’t you come by and I’ll show you the whole operation!.. Amazing…

This tuesday, I was there and boy was I blown away. Henrique the companies’ CEO showed me round, shared his passion for his bikes, and I have to say that I was very happy to meet him and get to know his brand. He comes for an architectural background,  worked in fashion and now is pursuing his passion and building his own company.

As you can see from the pics the bikes look amazing, visit the website here and create your own, and I guarantee that you’ll love it. The craftsmanship of all the parts is perfect, the frames look very cool, and the with all the color combination you can let your imagination go wild.

It was a real surprise, and I’m very happy that smart young guys from Portugal are building beautiful products. I also try to this with my Shoe Line, in case you forgot… lol…

So.. enjoy the pics, have a great weekend, go for a ride, and if you are missing a fixie in your garage, get a Dry Drill.

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This is my favorite configuration. Do you fancy it? I love it. This with a pair of raw denim’s, and oxford shirt, a tweed jacket, and my Tanakas, would be a real head turner for sure.

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