Peeps on the 29th of January I’m gonna do something I’ve never done before! A part of my years resolution of trying new things, I’ll be participating in a Flea Market here in Oporto. Not just any Flea Market, “The Flea Market”.

This event is organized by S.P.O.T. a real dynamic and fresh organization and every edition has a different theme, this one is the Flea N’ Rool.
Although the main theme is music, and I will be selling two amazing music related items – a Sony Sport Walkman and a Sony Discman – I will have for sale some really nice pieces like a vintage Hugo Boss Blue Baseball Jacket, a Dolce&Gabanna Grey Sweatshirt and a pair of beautiful Adidas Originals Sneakers. (pics below)
You can find ALL the items I’ll be selling in my new page Shop at Ramalhoni by clicking here !!!!!…… I will be posting posting new items that will be on sale live at the 29th, but can also be bought online.
If you have any questions or if you want to by any item prior to the Flea Market get in touch with me via my email: (I can arrange shiping worldwide).
Enjoy and don’t forget to drop by the 29th of january at Centro Comercial Stop – R. do Heroismo 333 Oporto …. Between 15:00 and 19:00 …

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