FuckyeahmadeinUSA is a collection of little movies that brands do to help market their products that showcase the passion and inspiration that they put into all of their products. The curation of these fuckyeahmadeinusa movies is made by the great Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, and maybe here lies the answer of this site being so cool!

Someone should definitely do a fuckyeahmadeinportugal. We’ve got the factories, we’ve got the products, we just lack the vision and a little bit of cash to produce some of these great looking videos. These two are one of my favorites, from Oak Street Bootmakers and Mark.

Well, tomorrow I’m off to Barcelona to meet some people a possibly making them Ramalhoni Shoes clients, cross your fingers for me! I’ll only be back next friday, so you’ll have to make due with the previous posts, browse some of the randoms, there’s some pretty cool stuff in there, or try my tumblr.

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