I know I’ve been neglecting you Guys for a long time, but now I’m back in town for just a couple of days and since it’s poring outside here in good old Oporto I thought that some Fall Winter inspiration would be appropriate.

Here’s the new collection from Gant Rugger. I’m a big big fan, as you’ve probably noticed. I love the old and the new mix, the going back to classic heritage pieces and revamping them to a contemporary look and use. You and I can thank Mr. Christopher Bastin, not to be confused with Mr. Michael Bastian, for this rebirth of Gant Rugger. He is the creative director of the Gant label and is doing a beautiful job at it. If you ask me the only thing missing is a great collection of shoes… If you’re reading this Mr. Bastin I’m open to do a colab between my brand Ramalhoni Shoes and Gant! Really I am…. :)

So here’re the pics, choose wisely and have fun this Fall.

The Essentials are: the Tweed blazer or suit, the Waxed canvas coat, a gorgeous pair of leather gloves and a holidays sweater. If you have and extra stack of cash in your pocket, get the whole collection, you really can’t go wrong with it.


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