Gant Rugger FW 2012

I know that spring has already started, but we in the fashion world are always thinking about the next big thing. The FW ’12 Gant Rugger Collection’s is one of those things.

I can say enough about it, and I’m always trying to get the word out. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times that people ask me where did you get that shirt, or those pants, and I say they’re from Gant (Rugger), and they say – really? Yes really… Pretty cool aren’t they! Yep! I didn’t know they made that. Yes they do! … Go and get some!

So, for those of you who don’t know it here, it is, for those of you who do, enjoy…

Go to the Gant Rugger website to find out the nearest store to you that sell this line.

ps: obviously you can only buy the Spring Summer collection, you’ll have to wait ¬†for the Fall for this one! lol…

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