Gant Rugger Ilustrations

Following last week’s Gant by Michael Bastian overload, it’s time to show you Guys a little bit more of the Gant world. In this case what they are doing in the Rugger line.
A little bit more toned down, with simpler designs, but keeping the amazing quality and the overall relaxed and cool look, this fall’s Rugger line brings us very cool lines, perfect fits, correct lengths and very very soft fabrics. I have my eye on a flannel plaid shirt, a dark yellow cardigan and an amazing navy blazer with tux lapels… well… and maybe a couple of more pieces.
Gant is working really hard, and doing a great job at it, to bring a new edge to there brand, with the M.Bastian line and the Rugger line they are stepping up and leaving behind the competition, there are only a couple of things that they could do: a Denim line, that would surely help sales in the US and something very close to my heart, a really great Shoe line. (if you guys at Gant are reading this I’de be more than glad to help!)…
These next pics are pair of the Rugger campaign and are the graphic interpretation of the collection by the russian artist Andrew Mashanov.
I’m really into this, and I’ve been contemplating for some time now to commission a great graphic artist I know to bring to life the characters that name my Shoes, right now there’s only Mr. Havelock and Mr. Larabee, but I’ll be adding two more names to the family in the upcoming weeks.
ps: I’m not sponsored by Gant in any way, although I’de love to be … LOL… this is just my appreciation to someone who is doing a great job. Cheers Gant people

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  1. A contar de baixo: 1, 5 e 8. Talvez porque se aproximam do que "eu sou".

    Viste bem o ep?

    No outro dia descobri os kick que o Cam usa (coloquei por lá), não sei se kicks são a tua preferência, mas são fantásticos, muito clean.

  2. é pena é não haver em todas as lojas da Gant, mas vale a pena … mesmo!..
    já vi o ep… fantástico.. nao queria que acabasse.
    não sou muito de kicks, neste momento, só usei os usei durante anos, agora estou mais uma de ramalhoni | Shoes… AHAHAHAHA
    esta semana recebo dois modelos novos. tens uns que acho que vais gostar.. ehehe… more news on it soon!…