This is a thing that I’m never tired of pointing out. Gant in Portugal hasn’t got the biggest of fames, and people sometimes talk to me and say:  that is a lovely shirt, who does it? When I answer – Gant, most of the times they are baffled, but you’re a stylish guy and Gant doesn’t do nice things! Well that’s where they’re wrong. This brand is getting better and better, and in particular with two lines, the Rugger and the Michael Bastian. Remember the amazing herringbone pants that I wore in the Time Out mag photo shoot, they are Gant by Michael Bastian.

So don’t assume preconceived ideas not on this, and not in anything in your life (sorry about getting deep here!) Be your own Man or Women and give Gant a chance, I know you’ll love it. And to better everything many of the items I own where made right here in Portugal, so I’m even helping our fragile economy.

Enjoy the pics of the SS ’12 Gant Rugger line! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the hottest news and style tips!

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