This year’s Golden Globes Red Carpet wasn’t a real great. There were lots and lots of beautiful gown, a couple of nice tuxs, but that’s it. Having said this here are the pics, I can’t point to a favorite,but if pressured I could say Jessica Biel (the pic doesn’t do  big justice to the dress, but live on tv she looked gorgeous), another gown that will be in my memory for some time will be Elle McPherson, she still looks so good!

As for the Guys, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Seacrest were quite nice, and Jean Dujardin was real handsome too.

You can see the complete list of nominees and winners here . I can’t say that there was any real surprise. Marta was hoping that Leo would finally win, but George is way to powerful! Sorry Leo “maybe” at the oscars you will have more luck, but I wouldn’t go bank on that.

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