Remember the If money was no Object post ? Where I let my imagination run wild at the Mr. Porter website and just “fake” bought everything I saw and liked… Well this is exactly the same thing but on a budget. Taking away expensive pieces of clothing and accessories doesn’t mean you have to look bad. Quite the opposite, you can look as good as if you broke the bank. Obviously you don’t get the prestige brands and the extra fine quality, but times are tough and people have to save up.
So here is another perfect weekend look style by moi meme. Let’s see the grand total at the bottom. Remember the last one was 3300€ !

Zara DB Coat  - 129€

Shore Leave Lightweight Jacket – 75 €
And the Grand Total is !? …… 518€ …. opposed to thirty three hundred euros from last week’s post!? .. Well, I can say it came out pretty cheep … lol…
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