Following last friday’s post on fixed gear bikes, I thought that showing you guys this brand of leather bike grips would be more than pertinent.

Gropes is a product that comes from a very cool design company called Nonusual. It was one of my friends from Yoobi that brought it to my attention, and what can I say? I love them. When I get my fixie I will buy one of these grips for sure, they bring a sense of style and originality that I am 100% behind.

One of the things that caught my eye was the way that the grips wrap the bike’s handlebars and then are stitched with some very cool and colorful laces. BTW the grips also come in a variety of colors, from black to yellow and the leather is vegetable tanned  (like my ramalhoni shoes) which I love. To round things up you cap them with a cork with the “G” from the logo. (If you are reading this “Gropes” does the cork come from Portugal?)

You can buy them online here.

For more pics check out the amazing Nonusual’s Flickr.

Have a great week and remember to exercise. Remember that cardio is the #1 sure for survival!…


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