The good Folks over at GiltManual got together a list of 100 essential thing, as they say it, “every self respected man should own”.
I love these kind of lists, and I was very pleased to see that I’m set on quite a few of them, not all obviously, but I can surely say that 75%. Much of this is due to me having the luck to have grow up with the presence of two impeccably styled Grandfathers, that gave me lots of tip and basically educated me in some of life’s essential style and living tips of a true gentleman.
As you can see the tips only go up to 53, the list isn’t finished yet, it’s a work in progress, when it’s done I’ll post the remanning essential. Be sure to check out the rest of there website, it has some other really cool tips and articles.
What do you think of these essentials? Are set on all of them? Are some missing? Drop me a line!. Maybe we can put together a list of our own!….
I’m of to another weekend, and this one includes a Wedding. So, next week expect some Ramalhoni Street Style Wedding pics…

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