Hackett Resort 2012 is a perfect mix of what’s hot right now. Mind you this is a tough thing to do, and possibly the best way to make a mock of it. But with years and years of experience and greatness Hackett combined three timeless styles that can be easily identifiable with countries or continents. Confused? Well this Hackett Resort 2012 is Great Britain, meets Africa, meets Capri. It is a little bit of British Gentlemen mixed with Robert Redford in Out of Africa mixed with a Playboy’s life in late June in Capri. And may I say it, mixed to perfection!

Sometimes I think that I’m getting old and liking this “stylings” more than I didn’t like before. That might be 50% of it (unfortunately), but the other 50% is brands like Hackett taking their style and heritage and pushing them to today’s fashion perfection.

ps: these pics have inspired me to wear a bow tie to a wedding I have in July. What do you think? I already have the perfect DB navy suit, I’m just missing the tie…

ps 2: check out the Hackett Mayfair collection that I posted some time ago.

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