It seems appropriate that for my 100th post I write to you about 2 books – Less Than Zero and Imperial Bedrooms, that I started to read yesterday.

Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis is the sequel to Less than Zero that was written 25 years ago. Click on the post’s title to go to the website where you can find lots of information about this book, you can even listen and buy the soundtrack to all of BEE movies, how cool is that !!!!!!!
In 87 Marek Kanievska directed a Movie based on the book Less than zero, what a disappointment it was!!!! All the gritty parts of the book were left out, If I was BEE I wouldn’t have aloud it.
A cool thing about the book is the way BEE describes every scene. Every time he starts a new one he makes a brief description of the environment, them he writes what everyone is wearing ! (like Clay is wearing a Clash T-shit with black levi 501 and black Wayfarers), and then the music that is playing. Maybe this is why I didn’t like the movie, many things aren’t accurate.
These paragraphs are a perfect example of the 80′s style and it’s a lot of fun to find out that lots of things have come back, and some, once again, have gone. Like the Wayfarers and the skinny pants, that are here to stay, and the skinny ties for the men and the broad shoulders jackets for the girls, that have gone out of fashion once more!…
I know that Imperial Bedrooms will be even Better!!!! when I finish it I’ll post my thoughts on it.
Be sure to check out the Soundtrack, I’ve been listening to it since I started writing the post and it’s Great…
I have to go to LA and try to find TRENT, RIP, JULIAN, BLAIR… and CLAY !!!!!….

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