Following the Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 post, here is the J.Crew Spring Summer 2013 collection that was presented at the New York Fashion Week last week.

I have grown to like more and more these J.Crew looks. Relaxed and casual without being sloppy. Dressed up and fun at the same time, and with amazing attention to detail, just check out their Ludlow suit construction details. Just like I like it. Bringing the customer and wearer in on the “how it’s made” of the garments.

I will love Black and Blue, mainly blue

More Blue

Don’t forget the yellow bottoms

Grey … and … Blue!

Camo will be everywhere be fast or be last, because you will get tired of it


Plaid and Stripes Mix and Match perfection

Can you wear a tie with almost everything? Yes you can.

More Ludlow

The new obligatory navy/maritime look

The tux..

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