This was the second and last time that I bought a pair of red shoes. This time they were Jack Purcell‘s, and they didn’t work either. I really can’t understand why! In theory I could wear a pair of red Jack Purcell’s on lots of occasions and with lots of outfits, but I end up never wearing them.

So I decide to do a little Do it Yourself and give them a new color. The goal was to make them white, but the quality of the tinting on the shoe fabric was extraordinary. I used first a soft bleach and they turned a pale red and then a more concentrated one and they became a light pink. Note that the logo stitching saying Jack Purcell in blue never lost, not even a little bit, of color. Congrats to the people over at Converse that do this amazing product.

I repeated the process a couple of times and put them to dry, and here’s the result. I picked up at my local leather supplier a pair of Ramalhoni signature leather laces, this time in blue, and boom! Done… They look nice don’t they? Perfect for a summer night with some rolled up chinos and an oxford shirt.

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