When the cold weather rolls in it makes me wanna stay home and watch old Bond movies. Yes you guessed right, I’m a Bond geek. There are the Star Wars geeks, the Star Trek geek, the Twilight geeks (yeakkkkk! hate it), and the best kind of geek the Bond Geek!!!
This is a round up of Mr. James Bond through out the years, yes, in chronological order thanx to IMDB.com .
The character is always cool, some more, some less, but alway ready to kick some ass. The classic one is Obviously Sean Connery, but my favorite is George Lazenby,  he was the best Bond ever, but did the wrong thing of telling one of the producer (Bobby Broccoli) to go fuck himself, and he was Bond no more! To bad…. His movie was On her Magesty’s Secret Service (filmed in Portugal!)
Right now I’m loving Daniel Craig, he is a more dirty Bond, more in tune with the books that don’t write him down as an always impeccably suited fellow. I can’t wait for the new one called Skyfall.
Witch is your favorite?
It’s easy to chose… Just scroll down.






















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