Lookmatic Glasses

Lookmatic is a relatively new glasses and sunglasses brand that is sure to be a hit. Mainly because they’re gorgeous and cheap as hell! Some years ago a pair of 200€/260$ glasses was a kind of difficult thing to find, nowadays all of them are priced at this range and the nice ones can run you up to the 1000 mark. I’m not at all against paying a high amount of money for a quality product, but most of them have serious quality issues (even the big brands),we’re just paying for the label. (ps: I still love my Oliver Peoples very very much). I also have a little collection of RayBan’s, that is one of the best quality-price brands out there, I’ll do a post about them pretty soon.

Having said this, a RayBan will set you back 100-150€, but the Lookmatic will only cost 58$, that’s 44€ !!!!! so, if you’re in the USA go to the website and get as many as you like.

I have a style tip for you (that was made very easy with the help of Lookmatic) glasses and sunglasses are not made to be worn until hey break, have at least 2 options of each and change around. Have ones for the office, and ones for the weekend, ones for the country and ones for the city, don’t be that Guy or Girl that has the same pair for 5 years (booooorinnnng), be more adventurous on some pairs, go for some color and texture, and I guarantee you that you’ll love it.

With Lookmatic you can do this without breaking the bank.

At this moment they only ship to the US, (I’m trying to find someone who will come to Portugal real soon to get a couple of them delivered to their house, so that they can bring them to me!).

Here are my favs!

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  1. Os penúltimos, defenitivamente.

    Quando a óculos de sol mantenho-me fiel aos meus wayfarer (pretos e tartaruga) I am so boring :P

    De ver, como só os uso raramente (as lentes são a minha primeira opção), raramente os mudo, mas em regra de dois em dois anos.


    Jason here (full disclosure: I am the COO/CMO of Lookmatic). So glad you are digin’ your look in your new glasses. I am super flattered that you are going to the effort you are to get your hands on our glasses. Sorry we don’t yet ship overseas. Maybe sometime in the future.

    Like you, I too have multiple pair for different looks (yeah, ok, it is a perk of running the company). More importantly I like having the choice of being able to change my look whenever I want.

    BTW – Can’t tell you how happy I am you are likin’ your glasses. Makes my day.

    Keep rockin’ the look. Peace


    • Thank you Jason, for the kind words. Keep up the amazing work and I’m sure that your success will be global!
      BTW, I already found a friend that is living in NYC, that will bring me an order that I’ll be making in a very short wile….
      I’ll be counting the days, and I’ll post the new looks here obviously!…