12 Things that should be on every guy’s wardrobe

- 3 button-down Oxford shirts. CHECK
A blue, a white and a pink.
- A perfectly-fitted navy blazer. CHECK
- A pair of 5-pocket jeans, washed or unwashed. CHECK
- A pair of light sand chinos. CHECK
- A pair of grey flannel pants. MISSING
- A pair of dark brown wingtips CHECK
or penny loafers.
- A beige raincoat. MISSING
- A down vest. MISSING
- A navy cashmere crew neck or v-neck sweater. CHECK
- A gray flannel suit. MISSING
- A good assortment of polos and ruggers. CHECK
- A great pair of sunglasses. CHECK

These are the pics of my Missing items! And tomorrow is my B-day !!! ehehehhe so if you needed some ideas for gifts!!!!!
You should never wear the pants of a suit without the jacket (they could start to look different), but this Grey Flannel Suit that Mr. Hacket himself is wearing looks so go that I had to post this pic (that belong to The Sartorialist) go visit his blog….
The dow vest and the Macintosh rain coat are classic also, I’ve gotta get some of those.
So … enjoy, and on future post I’ll try to show you the items that I already got…

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