Well this is the obligatory Met Gala Red Carpet Report. Last night in NYC was the Gala, and the everyone that matters was there, present company excluded, of course! LOL … Jokes aside, this year there were some very stylish ladies and cool cats. Here are the pics, and today with a little different approach, I’m gonna me a little mean, and some of them deserve it. eheheh. And BTW girls, metallics rule!

Carey Mulligan in Prada, I don’t really like her, but this dress rules! it’s Prada.

The new Mrs. Draper, forget the hips and the teeth, just focus on the face, very 60′s I like it.

Amber Heard rocking it, she’s the one that made me love blondes.

The Chuck Bass tilt, loose the tie bro, bowtie is the way to go.

1920 called they want the hat back, everything else is right on the money, it’s Rachel Zoe’s after all.

Rooney Mara rocking the goth chick, I like it, and the dude on the left with the pearl tux, respect!

Look Kanye is copying the Chuck Bass tilt.

Amber looking like death but warmed up, I like her though.

Hey Emma, Dorothy called you can borrow the shoes if you’d like…

The Angelina pose on steroids, why????

Take that Seal…

The soon to be newly weds Jessica and Justin, in Prada and Tom Ford.

Rihanna in crock by Tom

Kate Bosworth in fringes, it’s a bit last year, but I like the degrade.

Not the best to date but still pretty nice.

You can’t go wrong with this face, Kate Blanchet.

I’m so sad that Cameron is getting old. Still hot dough.

Another metallic, I like Kate Upton best in a bikini. Go figure!

The Brady-Bundchen couple, Noah don’t forget them. This is the gene pool to go from.

I don’t know who she is, but I love this dress. One of my favs.

Once Linda, always Linda, (sorry it’s a joke in Portuguese).

Have I told you that I have a thing for blondes now !?

Mr. Butler looking pretty much how it’s supposed to look.

I love this couple. Emily Blunt and John Karinsky.

The guy from Glee.

… and last but not least, the Don Himself MR. TOM FORD. This is not a fashion thing I really think that he couldn’t do anything wrong even if he tried.

So, what do you think, who’s your fav? Was I a little mean? eheheh?

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