If you’re looking for a compelling, and interesting magazine that not only feels up the eye but also the mind, the Monocle Mag is the one to buy.
I’ve been a fan of this publication for some time now, and the 15th of the month is the date I’m always looking forward to (it’s the day it comes out :))
This mag is the brainchild of Tyler Brulé, former editor of Wallpaper mag, and a major upgrade in my opinion.
You can find articles about Affairs, Business, Culture, Design and Edits.
In this month’s issue you can read about:
- New Zealand’s new endeavor for making there time zone pay;
- Meet the well dressed residents of Zozotown;
- Companies that can carry, hold and amplify a tune;
- Sharper, cleaner, faster:a around-up of Milan’s Salone;
- Settling down in Seville, a bush well trimmed and John Simpson’s last meal.
Among many many other interesting things….
Buy it, I guarantee that you’re gonna love it.
And if you’ll start loving it like I do, you’re gonna start to treat them as collectable item. I keep my copies religiously and when I finnish them I store them with lots of care.
I hope you like this, click on the post’s title for the Monocle’s Magazine webpage. Don’t forget to click on the follow me button on Twitter, and if you have it, on Bloglovin….

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