Morning Coat

The Morning Coat is one of the most ceremonious attires a Man can wear. These pics were taken at the wedding of a very good friend of mine. It was a party to remember. The get up is comprised of 3 pieces, a long back, one button, pointy lapel coat, pinstriped trousers, and a vest. Colors might vary, there is the more classic one, like the one I was wearing, dark grey, with grey and black pants and light grey vest, and there is the edgier solid color coat and trousers like the one the groom was wearing (sorry no pics! but, if he authorizes I’ll post some later in the month), it was a solid midnight blue, by the uber famous portuguese tailor AGVA. Let me tell one thing, I’ve been to a lot of weddings lately, and this groom was the handsomest Ever. Oh!!!!! And he was wearing a pair of Ramalhoni Shoes Wedding Edition… Perfection was attained.

As for the shirt, In my opinion, if you’re the groom it should be white, if you’re not, a simple white-collar and cuffs will do. I was wearing light blue and white, just to bring a little happiness to the styling. Top it all off with a very very nice tie, mine was a Zegna, and a pied de poule pocket square and you’re done.

In the shoe department, the only pair you’ll ever need is a pair of Ramalhoni’s Wedding Ed. lololol … I was wearing the RS Sussmans Double Monk. Note the pair of Tanakas – Black Edition that made their way to the party! Not the most appropriate but what can I say the owner of this one of a kind pair can’t stop wearing them!

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