Yesterday saw – The Social Network - what an great movie! It seems only appropriate that today’s post would be about it…

The film is like an unauthorized biography of Facebook and his creators, played by the amazing Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. Jesse plays Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew plays one of the co-founders, Eduardo Saverin.
Well.. I don’t even know where to start.
The story is fast paced, coherent and in a word Genius! The characters are beautifully played (although Mark says that the only thing that is accurate is the clothing) and the dialogues are absorbent, thanks to the screenplay by the great Aaron Sorkin.
When the it ends you end up wanting more. Thank you Mr David Fincher!
Facebook was an invention that changed our lives, to me it’s even moving, that a kind in Harvard 7 years ago invented something that, in a good way, touched the lives of 500 million people. Usually when you hear that something happen to millions of people it’s almost always something bad, a natural disaster or something like that. I a nutshell I love smart people, and these guys are the perfect example of it.
Style wise, Mark Zuckerberg is a lousy dresser! He wore flip flops with white shock to a deposition !!!
So, here are some pics of the actor Jesse Eisenberg styled up by Interview Magazine …
You can click on the post’s title to go to the movie’s website where you’ll find the trailer and exclusive content … Enjoy ..

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