There’s nothing cooler that wearing a beautiful hat. Optimo Fine Hats caught my eye recently because of this exquisite little video. Brands are doing this more and more to promote there identity. It’s really difficult to let the consumer know what you’re really about just by looking at your product. They can see a beautifully made Hat or pair of Shoes in my case, but they can’t really know that the brand is about, all the love and dedication that goes into each product, the design, the selection of material, the production process… etc… That’s why I love these videos, I love to know what goes in the product decides the obvious!
Enjoy the movie and the pics, and If you already have your hat for this summer, think about maybe getting one for next Fall/Winter. You can get them soon at there website, or at there Chicago,IL store.

Optimo Hat Company from Optimo Hats on Vimeo.

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