I should only post this pic of Gwyneth and that would be it. Her, in Tom Ford dress, with a cape suffice! But, well I have to show you Guys some pics so that you can see that I’m absolutely right.

Mind you that I also love all of the other dresses and tux, but with Gwyneth in this gown it’s kinda tough to compete.


Colin Firth looking very smart as usual

Emma Stone, OMG, if Gwyneth stayed home this dress would be my Favorite.

Jean Dujardin and Wife. He looks like a 40′s Movie star, I like it.

Rooney Mara looking scary but very pretty!

Shailene Woodley from The Descendants, I also really like this dress, it’s very unexpected.

And last but not least, and I’m sorry about the crappy photo, Tom Hanks in an amazing double-breasted tux.

Very stylish indeed!


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