Calling Project a trade show is somewhat misleading. It is a trade show, but it works more like a gallery, it’s a place of comfort and relaxation, extremely well curated, where people from all the different trades showcase, hence gallery, their amazing work. I loved watching this movie and hearing the people talk about their brand and their experience, seeing guys sew shoes, a barber doing Nick Woster’s beard, and just the cheer excitement of all the participant.

I really connect to this concept personally and so does the Ramalhoni Shoes brand architecture. Project represents what we’re all about, personal, handmade, cool, calm, honest and above all delivering the best product we can! So… you guessed right! it’s gonna be difficult, I won’t take no for an answer… I’m gonna try to get in into the next edition. Wish me luck.

PROJECT NY Jan 2012 Recap from PROJECT on Vimeo.

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