These are the RL style essentials for this, and in my opinion all the Falls to come. If you have in your wardrobe these items, made from premium fabrics and with correct fits, you’re pretty much set for the season. Just add on through the years some new shirts, scarves and socks and you’re stylish, warm and comfortable for a long time.
You obviously have to have your very own collection of ramalhoni|shoes to top it all off.
I’m happy to say that apart from the Bomber Jacket and the Puffer Vest, i’m pretty much set. I can actually tell you guys that I’ve never owned a leather jacket, and it’s not gonna be this year either. I like how they look, the comfort they provide, the way they smell, but I’m not really sure why, I’ve never gotten around to getting one.
I’m a huge fan of navy cardigans, grey suits and tweed jackets. The wool pants are an absolute must have. They dress up and down so easy, it’s a mistake not to own a pair or two. You can wear them with a smart shirt, or an Oxford and you can dress it down by wearing a denim shirt or a really nice plaid flannel (from Teviz obviously!).
You can find more about this and buy them at the Ralph Lauren website, just choose your country and watch out your credit card, because it can do some damage to your balance!
Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Tumblr (I’m lovin tumblr more and more, I can’t stop posting, check it out)

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