Brands like Burberry, Gant and Quoddy were quietly doing there own thing and Ralph Lauren comes and, once more nocks it out of the park!

RL lauched this Rugged Icons line with all those little things we love this season all under one brand and, my I say it, looking very very good. I’m not really partial to the aviator jacket, but I’m sold on the toggle sweater, the plaid shirts, the corduroy pants and the winter boots. Pretty much everything! lol … And I have to hand it to RL once more he came out on top.

I tried on some time ago a pair of RL corduroy pants and they were perfect (a perfect pair of pants for me isn’t something that I find to often!) I didn’t buy them because I wasn’t really sure about the horses and the dogs and lets face it I live in Oporto and people would laugh… sadly!

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