• Well, in broad strokes it says that I’m a double major in Microbiology and Contemporary Art, that started a fashion blog and then turned with a little luck into a shoe designer and producer! The title says that “Style is an Attitude” it’s one of my go to phrases… And at the end a Ramalhoni tip: never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a role, let them rest for at least a day and with shoe trees ! …. And by the way, where are you from, I’m trying to get more info on my readers.

      • Thanks for the translation! I’m across the pond in Washington DC. Not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but have been a fan ever since. Totally agree – style is an attitude. Oh – and bravo on your scarf tying vid – taught me a few I had never seen before. Anything else, just ask. Stay in touch.

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  2. Boa tarde,

    São realmente uns sapatos clássicos bonitos,que cada vez mais temos dificuldade em encontra-los nas montras das nossas sapatarias, em deterimento do calçado mais desportivo. No entanto, a nível de fabrico, não estão muito perfeitos.
    Existe desnível do cosido na taloeira,
    o tamanho das orelhas, alguns pormenores que deveriam ser rectificados.