Ever since the vintage and lomo camera revolution was born I wasn’t really keen on reusing old cameras or even buying a new lomo. The hole film thing and not being able to see immediately how the pic came out is not really appealing to me.
However one day I was talking with my Dad and I asked him if he still had a Yashica Electro 35 camera that I remembered him using. Well he still had it and in pretty good shape.
I tried to get a new battery for it, but unfortunately nobody makes them nowadays. I consulted a camera expert and he explained me that the camera still worked but only with one speed 1/250, so I need a bit of light to get a decent pic (I think)…
I cleaned the camera and lens, got the film, and I’ve been shooting with it. Next week I’ll develop it, and let’s see how they came out.
Having said that I was not the type to wait for the end result, I’m kinda liking it … If they come out looking awesome of course. I can only handle the delayed gratification if the pictures come out perfect.
Here are some pics of the 25 years old Yashica Electro 35.
I love the camera body shape. Pretty much the same as a Fujifilm X100 , and the Leica M9, both on my wish list. The first for soon I hope, the second when I sell my 10.000th pair of shoes… lol…

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