Ramalhoni Shirts

Remember the “What’s coming next post“? well I’m in full creative mode and one of the result has just arrived. I’m very partial to small prints, with a kind of japanese fabric fell to it, and this is the result.

It’s very good to live in Portugal if you have these kinds of creative drives, you can have made, at a very decent price, almost everything. From Shoes obviously, to jacket, shirts, or even ties…

With this shirt my goal was to create a fun shirt, with a slim but comfortable fit. I’m always buying these shirts that are well fit in the lower back but are really tight in the upper back, giving me a hard time when I’m driving or just siting at the computer, like right now. After a small talk with my shirtmaker (I’ll have to post something about him pretty soon!) the solution was found. A slim fit shirt without the usual creases in the back will give me the look and feel I want and a redesigned upper back will give me the freedom of movements I crave. This particular model has button down collar and a pocket, and lower back part so that when you’re sitting down the shirt doesn’t pop out of the pants. Not too long, not to short, just perfect. The fabric is 100% cotton and it is handmade by the same person from raw fabric to the finished product.

This is  a very cool thing, when you put on this shirt you get the feeling of product value like no other, this shirt fells like it belongs to you, like it was made for you (and it was), there are certain imperfections that I love, a not so perfect seam, a little detail here and there that says, this was made with care and attention by a Gentlemen, not tons and tons of machinery that turn out always the same shirt over and over again…

This shirt project is just a test, would you Guys be interested in buying such an item? Maybe if I get enough people around this project I can do a small run of Ramalhoni Shirts? Tell me what you think….

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  1. Maybe I would make it a bit shorter in terms of lenght…:-) just an idea…but I love the prints..I am a big fan of subtle Japanese prints and increasingly of bold African patterns, too…definitely you need to take advantage of all the textile skills in the north of Portugal! Best of luck! And congratulations for showing up at the last issue of Monocle!