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Last August I got an email: it started with editorial@ …. , I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the termination… MONOCLE . Anyone who knows me, or that has read, I don’t know, maybe one or two posts here at ramalhoni.com, knows that I’m a huge MONOCLE fan. This publication embodies everything that I find interesting, and already love, and many other things that I find out about and learn to like just because of it. My Brand – Ramalhoni Shoes – and it’s identity is set on some of the MONOCLE fundamentals, such as local, handmade, small production, extreme quality, insane attention to details, and many many more.

So, the email read: Hi, how are you (…) we would like to feature Ramalhoni Shoes at the next MONOCLE Style Directory, in the October Issue. After an initial disbelief, I thought it could be a mistake, I realized it was true!

My friends and readers, and soon to be fans, being featured in this publication is to date one of the most important things that has happened to my brand. It is truly important and the best way to get the word out about Ramalhoni Shoes, that I could find. The MONOCLE fan base is exactly my public and “would be” costumers, and may I say it, it has already given results. I’m getting emails from all around the world, congratulating me and asking where they can find a pair of Ramalhoni Shoes. Pretty soon I hope to be able to have a Ramalhoni Shoes Sales point in some of the major cities. We’re working very hard on that.

What happened next was, I got on a plane, and from a Thursday (when I got the email), to the next Tuesday morning, I was having a cup of coffee at Midori House, MONOCLE‘s HQ in London, and dropping off the shoes the Editor had requested.

Well the result was this. A small but meaningful little article, and a gateway to new and exiting opportunities.

Thank You to all of You and to MONOCLE for supporting Ramalhoni Shoes, and for having picked my brand in a sea of thousands and thousands of them.

I brought to Midori House 11 pairs of shoes and the Tanakas were the chosen. It was quite interesting actually, because they are my best sellers. Here are some other pics of this Shoe.


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  1. Não é a minha surpresa – sabia que tinhas ido a Londres Recentemente pelo FB – quando em Londres entro na loja da Monocle em Londres. Fico lá um bocado à conversa com o tipo, compro a revista até dizendo que sendo eu portugu~es não a pdoia deixar de comprar quando já a compro sempre. O tipo responde que tem artigos interessantes e referências porreiras. Atravesso a rua com a revista e sento-me numa esplanada e folhear. E pronto, lá está a Ramalhoni Brand. Dei-te conta, mais ou menos, no FB. Foi um misto de surpresa com contentamento.

    Parabéns, pá. A sério, muitos parabéns (vindos de um kicks kind a guy ;))

  2. Parabéns, vim cá parar graças à revista. Excelente número aliás, acho que os lusófonos andam a deixar escapar o enorme potencial da lusofonia, enquanto força agregadora de talentos e também enquanto marca. A lusofonia já é sexy aos olhares de fora, falta dar-lhe a modernidade e glamour. Força!