Ramalhoni Shoes Sussman Single Monk

This is one of the models that I’m most proud about. I call them the Sussman Single Monk.

There has been a buzz about the double monk shoe in the blogging world like no other shoe in a long long time, so I thought that it was time to bring back another classic- the Single Monk.

I tried to pick up the timeless style of this shoe design and give it a little bit more. The last was updated and improved to give the shoe a sleek and slender figure without making it to pointy and the monk strap was made all in one piece that goes from the heel all the way around and over the foot.

Hand built, Goodyear welted, and using vegetable tanned italian cordovan and a special go-rain italian suede, I’m sure that people will love it. It comes is Black, Brandy Cordovan and Cappuccino Suede. More info at ramalhonishoes.com

ps: the pro pics are on the way!

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    • Hi Will, I’m on the commercial part of the business now. Do you know any cool places that I could contact there in DC to sell the Ramalhoni Shoes?

      • Brooks brothers and JPress rule Washington for men’s suiting and furnishings [we are not the most stylish city]. Brooks only sells their own branded shoes (Peal & Co) and I’m not familiar with JPress’s offerings. I’m not sure if either rep other shoe brands. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any high-end independent men’s stores which would be a good possibility. I do most of my shopping online. I use Mr Porter quite a bit. They would seem to be a good fit for your shoe brand.
        Best of luck with your venture.